Healthy Ice Cream For You

A frozen healthy dessert ice cream maker is the perfect fruit soft serve machine. You can easily turn bananas, berries, and other fruits into a sort of ice cream that is delicious, nutritious, healthy and does not contain any of the fats or dairy that regular ice cream has. Of course it also has natural flavors too because artificial flavoring is just bad for your health and does not taste as good. The yonanas frozen healthy dessert ice cream maker turns frozen bananas into an ice cream like treat. Once you have frozen your bananas and run them through, you can then add other healthy fruits to change the flavor.

A very popular one is the strawberry banana ice cream. This ice cream like treat is super healthy because it is made purely from bananas. Bananas have plenty of vitamins and nutrients and potassium is one of newest ones. Potassium is good for healthy blood pressure, maintaining a healthy metabolism, and fighting against anxiety and stress. Bananas are also very healthy for your heart and eyes. Bananas have about 450 mg of potassium in just one banana. One banana also has 1 gram of protein, 2% vitamin A, 15% vitamin C and 2% iron. You’ll also burn fat fast with this diet. 

They help to stop diarrhea, give you energy, help with hangovers, improve circulation, maintain a good heartbeat, fight against stroke risks, lower your blood pressure, help give oxygen to the body, fight against infections, protect your skin against UV light sun damage, fight against depression and anxiety, help against menstrual pains, they are anti-inflammatory, fight against kidney cancer, they are good if you have heartburn, fight against diabetes, fight against kidney stones and ulcers and prostate gland enlargement. Bananas also help curb sugar cravings which is good vs artificial processed sugar found in ice cream which makes you want to eat more. So banana ice cream is double effective.

Typical ice cream uses artificial flavorings and sugars as I stated. You do not want to put these things in your body, banana ice cream is all natural which is what you want to eat. Standard ice cream is also fattening and we don’t want that kind of fat in our diet. Ice cream is a dairy product and eating too much could actually make a person lactose intolerant. In fact humans are not even supposed to consume another mammal’s milk so milk is not good for us. Banana ice cream will never make you gassy, or feel sick, or make your stomach hurt unless you ate way too many bananas. But I like to think too much of a good thing is better than too much of a bad thing personally. So try banana ice cream with like two bananas in a food processor and add some strawberries or peanut butter, they go best with banana.

Keep it all natural, do not add chocolate chips or chocolate syrup as those are artificial and not healthy. They are not good for burning fat at all. Hopefully you love bananas though because you need a lot of other stuff to kill the dominant taste of bananas. Bananas are delicious I think so if you do not like them you can still eat it and get the crazy amounts of health benefits and antioxidants and nutrients and vitamins.

Best Outdoor Cooking Accessories And Tools

Outdoor cooking can be quite challenging since one requires the best cooking supplies specifically for outside cooking. The equipment should be sturdier than those used in home kitchens because they are exposed to external elements, open flames, and carried around with other outdoor supplies. The best cooking supplies for outdoor cooking include skillets and pots, utensils, fireproof gloves or mitts, and much more.


Skillets and Pots
The best materials for outdoor cooking skillets and pots are aluminum and cast iron. Aluminum can be used over an open flame if there is a grate or a grill to put it down on a burner. On the other hand, cast iron is good over open flames, it is quit hard, and the cooked food turns out great.


Thick leather gloves
These too are important supplies for outdoor cooking when dealing with hot coals and open flames. The gloves should be loose fitting so that they can easily get on and off. They protect hands from heat and flames.


Lid Lifter
Lid lifter is important kitchen equipment for safety while cooking due to its convenience. There are many varieties, although an iron rod is the best. It also has a hook that can fit into the lid’s handle. The user can lift the lid without getting the hands too close to the hot contents of the skillet or to the flame.


Long handled tongs
Long handled tongs allow the user to turn food or place items in the pot without getting hands too close to hot areas of the pot or too close to the flame. The best tongs are made of rigid plastic or Teflon-coated since they will not scrape the oil coat of the seasoned equipment.


Lid Stand
A lid stand is a wired stand with three to four curled legs. It allows the user to safely place a hot pot or lid instead of using a table top where it can slide off. It works great if you have a 4 bottle wine cooler.


Whisk Broom
This cooking equipment is very cheap and yet very useful. It is used for brushing ashes off the skillet lid. Whisk brooms made from broom straw bristles are better than synthetic and plastic brooms.


There are various types of stoves depending on weight, size, and the fuel used. Propane stove are the most used for outdoor cooking. They are clean, very easy to use, and they allow the user to control the amount of heat produced. The propane stoves can have a burner with a grill, single burner, or dual burners. Some are also equipped with wind screens essential during windy conditions. They are very convenient since the top can be opened and closed for easy storage. The dual burner allows the user to multitask, for instance, one can boil on one burner and simmer on the other.


The above cooking tools and accessories are very important for outdoor cooking. Cooking will be a lot easier mainly with the lid lifter and the leather gloves. The tools are also best for open flames and for carrying around.


Understanding How Web Servers Work

To put it simply, web servers are the reason why people can surf the internet. Basically, when an individual view a website on the internet, he/she is requesting for it from a server. On being requested, a functional web server serves the web page to the browser. The server is able to serve the site because it contains all the individual web pages that make up the website. This includes images, scripts, videos and other dynamic elements required for the website to function. On receiving a request, it quickly converts these information into computer languages and displays them in the user’s browser in his/her local language.

The web server does not simply serve one client computer at a time, it is capable of serving multiple users simultaneously. Thus, multiple clients can view the same website together. Also, a server does not just contain a single website, but rather hordes of them. However, to ensure that there is a distinction between the websites, each website is given a unique IP address, which is the same thing that is used by a DNS server in order to resolve the domain name.
How web servers work:
Understanding how a web host works is not very difficult. Think of these as a commercial intranet wherein the individual computers do not come with storage capacity. The software running on the computer systems of the employees are the ones that are stored on the company server, these are generated by the users themselves. Now, this server can be located anywhere, either in the company office itself or in a different location, i.e. in another office. It does not matter whether the company server is in the same city, country or event continent, as far as the intranet is appropriately connected, all the users can access the software without any problem.


In the same manner, the employee computers are basically computers around the world that access the internet wherein the company server is the web server that holds the website these computers are accessing. Thus, the software required to operate the site on the user’s browser is stored in the web server and can be accessed by individual browsers whenever requested. As mentioned above, physical distance does not really matter when it comes to the time taken for a page to load from the web server. It is all about the bandwidth. Even if the distance is the same, a site with greater bandwidth will load faster than a website with smaller bandwidth.

Check out


Think of bandwidths as pipes which carry the files required for a website to load. The greater the circumference of the pipe, the faster the contents will travel. Similarly, a narrower pipe will have much more difficulty in transferring its contents from one destination to another. Thus, it is best to have greater bandwidth. And while the distance may not matter, it would still be wise to invest in a web server that is close to your location otherwise the ‘pipe’ would be longer, which in turn affects the transfer speed and also the expenses.

How to Get a Job at the Radio Station

Today’s job market is very competitive. With many companies downsizing, it can be difficult to find a position that is the right fit for you. While having the right educational qualifications and experience is important for landing a job, the quality of your resume is important as well. To give yourself the best chance possible of landing a job, here are four tips you can use to improve your job resume:


  1. Attention to Detail

Accuracy and attention to detail is very important. Human resources professionals typically only have a few seconds to peruse your resume before deciding whether to short-list you. Therefore, your resume needs to make a great impression from the start. Before sending it in, read through it very carefully and ensure that there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. A resume that is not spelled-checked will surely irritate recruiters and may lead to your resume being tossed aside. To avoid this, it is often a good idea to have someone else read through your resume before submitting it, since a fresh pair of eyes can often spot mistakes that you may have missed. The word resume maker in the Microsoft Suite is also a great tool.


2. Brevity is Essential

As mentioned, recruiters normally don’t have a lot of time to read lengthy resumes. A resume that is several pages long may deter them from spending much time on it. Therefore, you need to be careful that you include sufficient information to demonstrate that you have the requisite experience for the job, while keeping things fairly succinct. A good rule of thumb is to have your resume no longer than two or three pages long. This can often be a challenge for those who have had several jobs or are older workers. To tackle this challenge, you can omit parts that are either not relevant or date back a long time. For instance, if you are a job-seeker in your forties, you can probably omit your internship experience you had during your college years.




3. Filling in the Gaps

If you have been out of work for a long time, whether due to a layoff, medical problems or some other reason, this will show as a gap on your resume. Gaps often show up as red flags to recruiters, therefore, you need to take steps to fill in these gaps. You need to show recruiters that, just because you have not been working full-time, doesn’t mean that you haven’t accomplished anything. Perhaps you’ve travelled somewhere interesting, have volunteered for a non-profit, or learned a new language. If so, try to incorporate this in your resume, by including a “skills” section to highlight your accomplishments. We love MyCvFactory for this tip!

4. No Frills

You don’t need to submit your resume with fancy font styles or creative designs (unless you happen to be applying for an art designer position). In fact, embellishments can often be distracting on a resume. The contents are what really matter, not the design. As long as the resume is neatly laid out and includes all the relevant information, you can skip any added dressings. Remember, what will get you job is the experience reflected in the resume, not its style.

Make Your Chinese Girlfriend Happier

Learn Your Chinese Girlfriend’s Culture

If you want to date a Chinese women then you will need to learn about the history and culture of China. If you don’t know anything about the people and the culture, then you might find that it is difficult to connect. If you are the type of person who refuses to learn about the culture and you are not willing to adopt their ways while you are in the country, you will find that dating her is difficult. Even though they may be enamored by many aspects of Western culture, it does not mean that she wants to abandon her own culture. She’s still proud, as she should be. Learn a bit about hers!


Does this mean that you need to become a scholar on their history, art, architecture, and cuisine before you pursue Chinese dating? Not at all! You can learn more about her culture while you are with her, and you can teach her about your culture at the same time. It should be a fun and interesting learning experience for the both of you. However, you shouldn’t go into a relationship completely ignorant. Learn a few things about the culture, and be sure to ask questions. She’ll more than likely be happy to answer and even happier that you are taking an interest in the culture of her country.

It’s not difficult to learn at least the basics. You can head to the Internet to find plenty of articles about history and culture in the country. You can find documentaries online and on video streaming services about the country as well. Do your homework. It’s fun to learn about new cultures, and it is sure to be impressive to the woman that you are starting to date.


How to Make a Great First Impression

When you are trying to get a date, it’s natural that you want to impress her on the date, and even before you set up the date. It’s a part of human male nature, really. You want others, particularly those you are interested in romantically, to have a good opinion of you. However, knowing how to create that great first impression when you are on Chinese dating sites is not always easy. Here are a few tips that can really help, so take them to heart when you are trying to impress.


Be Kind

While this should go without saying, it really does still need to be said in today’s world. You should always treat the person you are with kindly, whether you are on the first date or you’ve been together for years. In addition, if you want to impress Chinese women when dating, don’t only be kind to her. Be kind to others around you from the waiter to the cab driver and everyone in between. There is too little benevolence in today’s world, and real kindness is always impressive.


Get Her to Talk

Are you the kind of guy who finds yourself talking far too much on dates? While she’s interested in you and what you have to offer, it’s also a good idea to see if you can get her to talk to you as well. Many Chinese women are a bit shy about talking about themselves when they first meet you, but try to get her to open up a bit.


Be Yourself

You want to be yourself and not put on a façade. She’ll be able to tell that it’s not the real you. Don’t hide behind a metaphorical mask trying to act “cool”. Be you, and you will be happier when you find someone that likes the actual you!



Good Food, Good Vibes

When you go to the grocery store you need to think about only a few specific things. These are the following articles of information that you should keep in mind:

1. Create a grocery list (and stick to it). Go to the store with a very clear idea of what you need. You do not want to be buying things that pop up on you out of nowhere.

2. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT go to the grocery store when you are hungry. This is because if you are hungry when you are shopping, a lot more food is going to look good to you – especially junk food. If you go grocery shopping on a full stomach, a lot of the junk isn’t even going to look appetizing. At the very least, eat a healthy snack before driving to the store.

3. Buy more green vegetables. When ever you go to the store, make sure that you grab a bunch of extra greens for the benefit of your aging immune system. I know that everybody and their mother has heard of kale by now, but it really is a miracle food. Do not ignore it.

4. Fresh is good. Frozen is good. Canned usually is not. Things in cans, like vegetables, beans and soup, usually are loaded to brim with unnecessary sodium. When you get canned fruit, you also get too much sugar. Think about this as well – something that is canned for years is never going to taste as good as something fresh. Surprisingly, fresh is generally less expensive as well.

5. Before you eat something, think about how it is made. If you can’t picture it being grown or raised, reconsider eating it. High fructose corn syrup doesn’t grow on trees.

6. Consider the services of a fresh food delivery website. These websites are huge time savers and potentially life savers. This is because using a good company that serves only the highest quality fresh and healthy food will be a huge benefit to your health. Believe us when we say that a meal delivery service could be one of the greatest things you spend your money on. 

7. Opt for whole grains. When you have grains that are processed — for things like white bread — two extremely important parts of the grain are destroyed. The main problem here is that these components have the most benefits to your health. Be on the lookout for “whole wheat” products.

8. Do not drink sweetened beverages. You do not want any added sugar. This is for a plethora of reasons: first of all it adds on unnecessary calories, and it also puts you at risk for diabetes and a myriad of other health issues. Drink water instead – it is a major key to success.

9. If you have a sweet tooth, then eat food that is naturally already sweet (without adding any artificial sugar to it).Fruits are an excellent selection, as well as sweet veggies like corn and beets. Don’t forget about the the aptly named sweet potatoes as well.

10. Buy your groceries in bulk and cut them up into small portions. You will save money like this, but also proportionally eat better.

11. Ride the perimeter of the store that you buy groceries from. The outside edges are usually where the store puts its fresh foods. The boxed and processed foods are usually places within the inner aisles. Of course, there are always exceptions (both for the outer and inner areas).

Have Your Tattoo Created Into A Vinyl Decal

When somebody has a tattoo put on their body, it likely has an incredibly specific meaning to them. Some people like to have family members remembered or honored, others like to have a special moment captured in art. Whatever the motivation of owning a tattoo is, it is definitely a signal of self-expression. Generally, those who buy tattoos will already have at least an additional tattoo already on their body. Some people will completely cover part of their bodies, such as an arm, with artwork. This is generally called a “sleeve”, because it is now a permanent “sleeve” of tattoos.

A great way to show off your art is by having vinyl decals made from them,

If you really like some human body art, why not have that same art placed on a motor cycle, jet ski, truck, van, or other motor vehicle? You could even create some great military decals that offer the physical appearance of patriotism. If you choose to do so, you can also place some on a shower door or any glass surface that is constantly in view.


There some online solutions that could help you transform your tattoo into a vinyl decal. You just need to have a photo of the tattoo by the artist. If you do not have a picture, it may be fine – as a very good graphics artist may be able to recreate it just by looking at it. Go to your local parlor with your artwork in full view and they will likely be able to get the job done.

Some people do the opposite. They will find great artwork on the computer, or the internet, or on a decal on a car, and will decide that they would like that as a tattoo on their body. Have you ever seen the sexy girl decal on a truck flap? People have had those inked onto their skin – permanently. Do not underestimate the lengths someone will go to be “different”. Personally I find these people odd, but that is just my opinion. Though, as you are reading MY blog, my opinion does carry some weight.
Anyway, most tattoos are a terrific form of expression. I say most, because there have been some absolutely ludicrous tattoos that I have come across in my life time. No, we’re not talking about terrible tramp stamps or pointless dolphin and butterfly drawings. I’m talking about those ones that you see that say something like “No Regrets”. Or even worse, when it has a misspelling and looks like “No Regerts”. These people do not take the seriousness of their actions seriously. These are PERMANENT decisions, and you didn’t even bother to spell check? It’s absolutely baffling. You are much safer just getting it as a decal or sticker and pasting it to a wall or bumper. Trust me, you’ll be much, much happier.


Do you love music? Check out our other blog posts.

Detroit’s Finest

Detroit has a ton of music. It is widely considered to be the birthplace of techno music as well as other extremely influential types of music. The city has had absolute superstars emerge from it’s location. From the likes of Motown Music to Stevie Wonder. The two current behemoths right now that are from the city are Eminem and Kid Rock.

It would be an absolute travesty to have an article about Detroit’s music scene on a radio blog like ours, without mentioning the many great radio stations in the area. Channel 955 is one of the biggest hit music stations on the block. There is also relatively new AMP 987.

One of the greatest things to discover is a new song. Specifically I like when the song is in the genre that I am not very familiar with. Even better, is when it is in a genre that you previously thought that you disliked or even hated. You should never judge a book by its cover, and so you should never judge a song based on what category it falls in. Listen with your ears, not your prejudice.

Regardless of what music you choose to listen to, it benefits you to be surrounded by such great vibes and amazing talent. Not everyone can say that they grew up in the same area as a legend. For example, Eminem not only made a movie called 8 Mile, he actually frequented places along the famous road. This includes gas stations, convenience stores, and perhaps even a pawn shop on 8 mile.

Let us not speak of those depressing ballads that made us sad. Also, we will disregard those songs that can be otherwise categorized as “screamo” or “death”. We want real music – like good ol’ rock n roll. A particularly jarring realization is that that the song “Sweet Home Alabama” mentions “born and raised in South Detroit”. The weird thing is that nobody geolocates like that. Nobody says “South Detroit” or “North Detroit”. It’s all westside or eastside in reality. Pawn shops in Detroit go from east to west, not north to south. There are tons of businesses that follow these directional guides.

Hopefully you learn more about music in the future, and by reading this blog. The number one thing that you need to remember is to be open minded. If someone recommends a song to you with enthusiasm then you should do your best to give it a fair shot. People are very proud of their playlists, and many take it as a personal insult when you criticize it. I can tell you from first hand experience that this is true. You may also feel the same way.

Oddly enough, some people just don’t like music. It’s very weird to hear about, but they really do not find any enjoyment out of it. This does not mean that they hate it – they just don’t care for it. It truly is mind boggling how some can be indifferent to a song, while someone else finds complete inspiration that guides them through their life.

Do you have the music in you?